School of Worship FAQ

  • Where will lessons take place? Lessons will be held at Crossroads during special hours set aside for students.
  • Will my student be alone with the instructor? Lessons will be done 1 on 1 with the instructor. There will be other adults in the building to help with supervision and CPP guidelines put in place by Crossroads. If parents want to join their child for a lesson, please speak with the instructor on the best time to come to lessons!
  • I'm interested in lessons, but I'm not sure if I will enjoy them. What should I do? We understand that sometimes people are unsure if they will enjoy lessons. Our Trial Month allows students to take lessons with only a 4 week commitment. If the student wants to continue lessons after the 4 weeks, they will be able to register for the rest of the semester. If the student does not want to continue, they have no other commitment to fulfill. Trial Months will be offered during the first and last 4 weeks of each semester. Cost for a Trial Month is $80 up front.
  • I missed the deadline for the Fall semester. Can a new student start in the Spring? Absolutely! We start over for each new student that joins so they can move at their own pace through the curriculum.
  • What will lessons focus on? Lessons will include a wide variety of topics. For those enrolled in lessons, we not only focus on a knowledge of the instrument, but also on the fundamentals of worship. From there we move into various music theories, scales, chords, etc. Our goal is to keep the lessons fun and engaging while teaching all of these areas.