The goal of the Crossroads School of Worship is to prepare and equip people to serve to the best of their abilities in a worship ministry. Worship Students will be trained as instrumentalists, vocalists, tech and stage designers. The “ideal student” would be able to come to us, take lessons for a year or two, then exit the program with enough knowledge to continue learning on their own, be comfortable with playing in a worship setting, and most importantly have a deeper desire to use their gifts for God. With that in mind, we are making a few changes to our program:

10 Students Per Semester: During our second semester, we opened our applications to 20 students per semester. While this was an exciting change allowing us to reach more people at one time, it was also a major time commitment for our instructors. To better manage their time and be able to give better focus to each student enrolled in the program, we will be bringing our max enrollment to 10 students per semester. Hopefully, this change will allow our students to receive better lessons and content from our instructors.

Application Audition: On average, someone learning an instrument for the first time will need 3-5 years of lessons until they are to a place where they are comfortable playing regularly and learning on their own. To make sure we can help as many people as we can, we will now have Application Auditions. Last year, the application process was to simply fill one out and email it to us. No further requirements necessary. You were in! This year, we are adding one more step. With the initial application there will also be an audition process. This simply means that we want to make sure the applicant has a good knowledge base of the instrument they are wanting to learn more. To “test” yourself, we have made a short 5 question quiz to see how much basic knowledge you already have. A link has been provided below.

Age Requirement: In my experience, the younger the student, the harder it is for them to retain information learned in their lessons. While there are exceptions, the majority will learn the same amount of information in a couple years that an older student could learn in a couple months. This is completely normal because they are children! Because of this, we have decided to add an age requirement. With our new direction in the program, we want to focus more on those ages 12 and above. The reason we have decided to make this change is for efficiency. This allows us to provide lessons to even more people in the years to come. As stated above, even an adult learning an instrument for the first time may take a few years to be at a level where they are comfortable playing in a worship team setting. Someone who is learning for the first time while being under 10 can, at times, take twice as long to get to a place where they are ready for performance.

Our goal is not to discourage younger students from learning instruments. Our goal is to focus more on those that have taken some time to learn their instrument so that we can capitalize on the time we have with them. Since we did have so many younger students last year, we will be providing resources for those wanting to learn an instrument from the start. Info about these resources will be provided soon.

We hope that these changes will provide even better experiences at the School of Worship. Please continue to pray for our instructors as they pour into those willing to learn and challenge themselves to become better players, musicians, and worshippers.

  • Standard Lessons will be $20 per 30 minute lesson. We ask that students pay in advance to reserve their lesson slot to honor the instructors time. $5 of every lesson goes to a Scholarship Fund to help those who may not be able to afford lessons.
  • We never want to turn away a student because they can’t afford it. If they truly have a desire to learn and grow, we will find a way to help them. For those students who need help, we have Assisted Payment options. Click the following link to fill out the Assisted Payment Option School of Worship Scholarship Form

Scripture tells us to "...give your bodies to God because of all He has done for you. Let them be a living and holy sacrifice-the kind He will find acceptable. This is truly the way to worship Him."(Rom 12:1b) We invite you to join us in this exciting new journey by growing in Christ through worship with us!

School of Worship Application Form

*if intermediate or advanced experience level was chosen, the below quiz must be taken

Intermediate-Advanced Quiz

Have more questions? Visit our FAQ page for more details!